Domestic Waste Treatment
Domestic Waste Treatment
BGE has extensively expanded comprehensive and systematic services for the whole industrial chain of domestic waste treatment, achieving the lifecycle management of domestic waste. It has strategically developed a complete of services for domestic waste treatment, including sanitation, waste sorting, waste collection and transportation, sanitary landfill, power generation by waste incineration, and treatment of leachate, fly ash and slag, as well as recycling of municipal, industrial and agricultural waste.
Power Generation by Domestic Waste Incineration
Business Introduction
BGE has provided professional and systematic domestic waste treatment solutions, and built more than 10 domestic first-class waste-to-energy plants in Jinghai of Tianjin, Yueyang of Hunan, Hezhou of Guangxi, Sihong of Jiangsu, Hotan of Xinjiang, Puyang of Henan, etc., to achieve coordinated development of waste incineration and the harmless disposal and recycling of sludge and kitchen waste, with a daily treatment capacity of 11,000 tons. In 2022, the electricity production capacity reached 1.13 billion kWh, reducing carbon emissions by 580,000 tons. The flue gas cleaning equipment self-developed and manufactured by BGE marks the implementation of nationally leading ultra-clean emission process, contributing to energy efficiency.
Business Feature
Industry leader in construction, operation and management

Achieve digitization, artistic enhancement, and landscaping of the plants through advanced management concepts and highly skilled operation teams.

Adopt improved and advanced flue gas treatment processes to ensure the flue gas emission standard higher than the EU 2000 standard.

Automated and intelligent management:
establishing a remote management platform for control systems in plants, implementing open management, providing accessible and traceable data, and allowing the public to visit plants via reservation.
Vertical Integration Layout:

Optimize the comprehensive utilization of slag from traditional incinerators, with 100% of incineration slag utilized and 98% metals recovered.

Build a scientifically effective leachate treatment system to support “zero discharge” of leachate.

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