Domestic Waste Treatment
Domestic Waste Treatment
BGE has extensively expanded comprehensive and systematic services for the whole industrial chain of domestic waste treatment, achieving the lifecycle management of domestic waste. It has strategically developed a complete of services for domestic waste treatment, including sanitation, waste sorting, waste collection and transportation, sanitary landfill, power generation by waste incineration, and treatment of leachate, fly ash and slag, as well as recycling of municipal, industrial and agricultural waste.
Sanitary Landfill of Domestic Waste
Business Introduction
As a pioneer in the field of sanitary landfill in China, BGE provides services of building, reconstructing, and expanding sanitary landfills of domestic waste, as well as landfill closure and green remediation solutions featuring a flexible, vertical ecological barrier system. It has built more than 200 new sanitary landfills and remediated over 50 landfills, with 220 million cubic meters of urban waste totally treated. It also makes full use of technologies such as aerobic solidification and waste sorting for inventory waste treatment, unleashing the potential of landfills and lands.
Business Feature
Pioneer and promoter of industry technology:
The flexible vertical barrier system for underground pollution, meeting the national environmental protection standard, won second prize of the National Scientific and Technology Progress Award in 2017.
Advantage of professional construction and quality control:
Sophisticated site management level, systematic technical services and professional construction ability, ensure stable construction quality, as well as efficient construction and installation.
Advantage of talent in sanitary landfill:
In cooperation with well-known scientific research institutions, BGE has built a high-quality technology R&D team, a systematic service team, and a mature and stable core management team.
Project Case
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