Coordinated Development of Various Business Segments
Coordinated Development of Various Business Segments
Water Treatment
Upholding the development strategy of “application of equipment in process, equipment standardization, and intelligent modules,” BGE provides systematic, professional water treatment solutions, including R&D, design, construction, operation services, and equipment manufacturing. Its services cover the treatment, recycling and zero-discharge of industrial wastewater, leachate treatment, stricter discharge standard of municipal sewage, and operation services for the water treatment system. It develops multiple core technologies such as the Circulating and Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Oxidation Reactor (PCR), ZLD treatment for leachate, zero discharge treatment of high-salinity wastewater, and BGE peristaltic beds. Eight of the core technologies were selected as the new technology and product of Beijing municipality.
Business Feature
Systematic water treatment solution:
Water treatment integrates R&D, design, construction, operation service and equipment manufacturing, with extensive experience in design, construction and operation of large zero-discharge projects.
Professional water treatment qualification:
Class-I Construction Contractor of Municipal Public Engineering, Class-B Environmental Engineering (Water Treatment), Class-I Environmental Protection Engineering, etc.
Technical advantage:
With the leachate ZLD treatment featuring stable operation and sophisticated process, BGE can build corresponding process system according to different quality of water, effectively solving clients’ problems.
Project Case
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